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YouTube Strategy: Surfing the Shifting Sands in 2020

As kids viewing habits transition from linear TV to other AV channels, YouTube’s place is becoming more central to all media plans focused upon reaching a kids audience. However, on the backdrop of this audience migration onto the platform, in September last year, YouTube were fined a record $170m for breaching COPPA regulations. Google then reacted by implementing a near-monthly number of new rules and regulations, all of which has had implications for advertisers and agencies looking to engage with younger audiences on the platform.

The latest development announced last month is a restriction on all third party ad tracking on Made for Kids content, including the use of Google’s own Double Click Manager (DCM) platform restricing our ability to verify campaigns outside of Googles my Client Centre (MCC) an area we are currently addressing with our tech suppliers.

Since 2018 Generaiton Media have always bought contextually to ensure COPPA and GDPR-K compliance, supported by our various tech partners in this space. As a result, this has enabled us to maintain brand safety, reduce wastage, increase relevenacy and ultimately drive return-on-investment.

As with all areas of our business we are continually reviewing our routes to market and later this year are planning the launch a bespoke Data Management Platfrom (DMP) to further enhance our buying power across You Tube.

The new system will layer additional data points to relevant buys through the use of real time video viewing data supplied by Giraffe Insights, Kids and the Screen study (KATs) and linear viewing data from BARB.  This will sit alongside 3 billion other cookie-less and ID-less proprietary datapoints from over 2,000 campaigns to date, building a unique pool of campaign intelligence.

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