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Thought of the Week – Lights, Camera, Action at Piccadilly Circus

As those of you who live in our nation’s capital or have visited over the last few months will have observed, the iconic billboard at Piccadilly Circus is currently undergoing renovation. There have been no adverts now for eight months and it will be returning this Autumn. However, there appears to be a big reason behind the lack of illumination.


According to The Drum ‘Landsec has devised a next generation display which as well as being viewed can also view having been developed to spot specific vehicle make, models and colours with which it can respond with tailored adverts.’ Whilst this is certainly not a media first, it is certainly an impressive feat for something this size – a 790sq/m display greater than the size of three tennis courts!


It will be interesting to see how effective this proves to be with the sheer volume of traffic passing through Piccadilly each day and the uptake from advertisers looking to get their slice of the electronic pie. This coupled with the new ability to carve up the screen electronically – previously split by separate individual boards – could see challenger brands start to advertise in prime locations dominated by the likes of Coca-Cola in years gone by. Will it be their turn to shine? Only time will tell…


Daniel Chrystie – Associate Director of AV Investment


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