Thinking ‘Glocally’ on World Children’s Day

World Children’s Day in recent years have provided the perfect platform for our annual KidsCon event where we bring together the leading lights of children marketing to showcase the latest trends & insights. This year like many things, we have had to pivot our approach and are instead marking the occasion with a virtual summit of our local agencies (don’t worry KidsCon will be back in 2021).  So what tips can we offer anyone considering an international approach?


Reaching international audiences is often crucial to driving growth and brands that aim to reach significant scale, inevitably need to do business in markets around the world. While it is not easy, thinking globally and acting locally ‘or glocally’ as the term derives, has never been more important.  For businesses that get this right and can streamline their operations in the process, a plethora of benefits are often enjoyed as a result. These include economies of scale, working smarter, utilising expert knowledge from around the world and ensuring global consistency of measurement & reporting, to name but a few.

Whilst these benefits can lead to more successful marketing solutions, and ultimately an improvement of ROI, one of the biggest challenges for marketeers to consider is maintaining the consistency of the brand’s messaging on a global stage whilst accounting for local market nuances. A one size fits all approach will simply not cut it. Getting it right takes careful preparation and planning. It’s not enough to assume that the strategy you’ve been using in your home market will be relevant, or even appropriate, to audiences within other countries and cultures. Beyond that, some cultural misjudgements can even cause offence! With these warnings in mind, see below our five tops tips to consider when contemplating global marketing communications:


Use local consumer, market & competitive insight

Local languages matter (particularly in Europe), as many parents and their children learn English at school but prefer to digest advertising in their native tongues. Even more important than language is understanding the customer’s mindset, something that varies by market and vital to account for in strategic thinking, when it comes to analysing the consumers path to purchase! Often, even the simplest age and sex targets can be different in different markets…For this reason, local insight (including consumer, market & competitive analysis) is vital!


Get your creative message right

Differences between countries go beyond languages and cultural norms. If you want your brand’s message to resonate with international audiences, you have to transcreate – that is, adapt content with the local culture’s needs and preferences in mind, while keeping the meaning and essence of the brand’s broader messaging intact.

While there are cost efficiencies to balance vs. the potential additional costs, it is worth considering the value of localisations. In the long term these will prove you understand the audience’s cultures and language preferences, whilst being recognised as a ‘local’ brand/product.


Create more for less

When thinking globally, consider the opportunities to create more for less. If, for example, you’re creating a piece of unique content with one media supplier (i.e. a skinned minigame), think about how this could be adapted to be used across multiple markets to save those local markets investments in production. By thinking in this way, more of your marketing budgets can used on delivering more targeted eyeballs to your campaign. Moreover, by combining international budgets together, brands have opportunities for cross territory media deals, where ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ and combined investment have more gravitas to potentially improve costs.


Get Creative

Language and culture don’t have to be barriers. In fact brands that embrace differences both strategically and creatively can help generate innovative ideas for new approaches. Those that recognise this, can also reap the rewards by finding commonalities that exist as well as the differences. For inspiration, take a look at the numerous examples of brands discovering a global brand truth and key cultural insight, that leads to work that doesn’t simply promote a product/service, but creates a conversation


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