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“The winners and losers of content during lockdown”

Content has been incredibly important during Covid-19. Let’s take a brief look at the content creators who have won our hearts and why.

It comes as no surprise that during ‘lock-down’ searches for streaming services rose by 49% with Disney taking a 59% share of those searches.  (What an incredible time to launch in the UK!?) Across the UK and globally content has been key for providing information, escapism, laughter and for many parents: educational sources for their kids.


For brands who are unable to get their physical product into market its been an important way of sustaining awareness while they are unable to advertise. The quality of content circulating has been high, and this pandemic has sparked innovation, entrepreneurism and creativity.


One of the heroes of this period has been Joe Wicks but why has he stood out specifically, when the market is flooded with fitspo influencers?  Well, by scheduling his family work outs consistently at 9am he has offered audiences an appointment during what has largely been structureless times.  His content is authentic and his sentiment is genuine.  He is more than happy to make fun of himself or share when he is mood is low.  By doing all of the above he has managed to elevate his brand and get himself into the record books.


It has not been an easy time for celebrities to provide content during this time and tone has been incredibly important.  We cannot forget the now, infamous video of Gal Gadot and a host of celebrities covering Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’.  Intentions were no doubt pure but its hard for the average consumer in lock down to relate to a celebrity in a mansion with a pool; staff and a cinema room.  Another example would be the prank video that Khloe Kardashian circulated of her throwing toilet paper over her sister’s home.  This hi-jinx would be funnier when there has not been a global shortage of toilet paper.


As we slowly emerge from lock down, a key learning from this period would be to have content always at your marketing fingertips.  Hopefully there will be not be a second or third spike but having content for tactical as well as strategic purposes will serve your brand in the long run.


We at Generation Media have our own entertainment division and our mission is ‘To identify, produce and bring engaging content to the right audience, wherever they are’. So if your brand needs any support from content creation, to placement or distribution please email