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The Big Fat Quiz of 2020 Toys & Games advertising

In a shameless re-appropriation of Channel 4’s quiz format, we bring you the key take outs from the 2020 Toys & Games advertising market.

2020 was characterised by disruption, challenges and pessimism. However, from an advertising perspective at least, it was also really interesting. Here we bring you some of the key highlights from the 2020 Toys & Games advertising market in the form of a quiz. For a full analysis of advertising expenditure and what to expect in 2021, contact us today.


1.UK Toys & Games advertising spend grew YoY in 2020, in line with buoyant sales. True or False?


False – reported spend decreased by -32% (Nielsen Ad Intel), with 8 of the top 10 advertisers posting decline.


2.Spin Master retained their position as #1 Toys & Games TV advertiser in the UK. True or False?


True – despite recording a 29% decline in total CH Eq. TVRs, Spin Master ended the year as the most seen Toys & Games advertiser, a crown they have held since 2018.


3.According to Giraffe Insights’ Little Voices report (November 2020), which of the following do children respond most to when answering the question “where do they get inspiration for products they want?”

  1. Adverts on YouTube
  2. Adverts on TV
  3. YouTube vloggers
  4. Adverts on apps


Adverts on TV – 39% of children aged 2-12 (and their parents) report this as being a primary influence, despite the decline in linear TV viewing and ad spend.


4.Digital was the only media channel to report growth in Toys & Games ad spend in 2020. True or False?


True  – Nielsen report a 43% increase in spend YoY. There are limitations to what Nielsen are able to accurately measure, not least on Social Media and YouTube, however double digit growth is a reasonable evaluation


5.2021 represents a huge opportunity for Toys & Games advertisers to gain Share of Voice. True or false?


True – Toys & Games ad spend was lower in 2020 than at any other point over the past 5 years. Whilst we forecast recovery in 2021, this will likely not be a full recovery to 2019 levels meaning gains can be made by advertisers with a robust investment strategy.


Sources: Nielsen Ad Intel/BARB/MediaOcean/Giraffe Insights Little Voices – data accurate as of 14th January 2021.