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Social Media: So what’s new?

As expert-led webinars and trade press are focussing more and more on social media, we reflect on why and how brands should adopt social platforms as part of their communication strategies.


Social media is currently getting a lot of attention across expert-led webinars and the trade press, with a number of organisations trying to own this space and position themselves as the experts in this field.

Defined as a series of platforms delivering functionalities such as profile setting and monetisation through posts and content, Social Media has been around since 1997.

So it is therefore difficult for anyone, even experts, to be able offer a dramatically different interpretation on how to use this medium. Yet this is one of the most prominent topics in the industry at the moment.


The trends out there.

We have observed that most operators in this sector are approaching Social Media as a tactical tool designed to rapidly engage with a given audience in relation to a short-term objective, such as the seasonal sell-in of a product.

This can often be achieved through a mix of paid-for media, organic posts and the occasional inclusion of an influencer to raise awareness.

Whilst this formula is sound in principle, in most instances we have seen this implemented as a series of short-term and tactical campaigns.

This approach raises first of all questions in terms of ROI for clients. In fact, once the campaign “burst” is gone, unless their social channels have been organically growing around content and an authentic dialogue with the audience, they will be left with no other option but to replicate and re-invest in the next one.

Similarly, on the Influencers side of things, we often see the advice to adopt high-profile talents to endorse a one-off campaign to generate as much exposure in the short term and maximise e-commerce efforts.

Again, this can be a rather costly exercise that might not deliver as hoped in terms of long-term brand building and might not look authentic enough to deliver product sell-in.

And we know that brand building is key to deliver long-term sales growth, as illustrated by the Binet and Field study on brand building vs. sales activation

(Source: Les Binet and Peter Field, Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Era, IPA)


Our approach.

So how is our approach different?

First, we always start with content.

In our opinion, putting content first and distributing it only across relevant platforms, should be the first step to deliver strategically across Social Media.

Second, we think long-term and strategically.

We see social channels as content-led, long-term and measurable tools to engage with a designed audience. We passionately believe that successful communications in this sphere, can only be achieved by building a community around the audience passion points and fronted by talents who are convincingly endorsing and using a product or a service.

Third, we are passionate about what we do.

We believe that an insight and content-led approach, that puts the audience first and instigates an authentic two-way dialogue is THE winning formula.

We work in partnership with our clients, we embrace their challenges, and we offer content solutions to build a successful and long-term strategy.


To discuss your social media strategy further and how to earn loyal audiences through a strategic approach, please contact: