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Shazam moves into ‘new levels of immersion’ as partners up with Disney?

As the app world gets more competitive and the number of users on the platform is a key indicator of success, this 100m monthly active user and half-a-billion download beast; Shazam is taking the next step and venturing into Visual Scanning.

Unlike its music feature, Shazam will not tell you what you are looking at, however it will take you one level deeper. This ‘augmented reality experience’ will link you to specific content such as an exclusive video and reveal secret messages like ‘be sure to drink your Ovaltine’. This new feature won’t just work with any old print but it will need to have the Shazam logo on it. In Practice, this runs very similarly to audio, all you have to do is take a photo of the image / Shazam the image and you will be taken to a link where you can find the related content. This is currently only on Print advertising, however it could be speculated that this could work on OOH and large scale printing such as billboards.

The first partners to get on board include: Disney, Esquire, Self, WSJ Magazine and many others

We can see that Shazam is tapping into a second sense hence enhancing the marketing power of the app and help the brands reduce the gap between traditional and digital media.