Planet V launches

Planet V, UK broadcaster ITV’s addressable advertising platform, has officially gone live this week.


Planet V, UK broadcaster ITV’s addressable advertising platform, has officially gone live this week. This new platform will allow advertisers and agencies to plan, buy and measure campaigns across ITV’s video-on-demand service.

Planet V has been a long time coming. ITV initially announced plans to build an addressable advertising platform several years ago. These plans didn’t work out with initial tech partners, but in April last year, ITV announced a new partnership with Amobee, and Planet V was revealed to the industry.

Planet V has evidently taken a leaf out of Facebook and Google’s book, running as 100% self-service solution, whereby advertisers and agencies will be able to plan and buy campaigns on the ITV Hub themselves, without working through ITV’s ad ops team or needing to speak to their sales representative.

As an ITV wholly owned platform, 100% of the advertising revenue will go to ITV, rather than a third-party ad tech companies syphoning off their share.

This is a big change for TV Buyers, very much blurring the lines between TV and digital buying. Although Planet V is a programmatic platform, ITV claim there won’t be any auction-based mechanics involved.

Whilst these changes could be the start of the end of the traditional TV Buyers role, with building relationships, negotiating face to face or on the phone becoming a thing of the past. Hand selecting the targeting options best suited to a client’s objectives, should make a huge difference in the way we buy VOD, gaining us a lot more control than we currently have. This could be the breath of fresh air the TV market needs, and will be beneficial to our clients, driving better results and of course, we need to be aware of the limitations with targeting children this way and it won’t be something that we will be able to do on CITV Hub due to GDPR restrictions

For clients this will mean seamless and targeted approach to AV buying and a step towards a more joined up approach to planning and measurement in this space.  Get in touch for a virtual coffee if you would like to discuss how this could work for your brand.