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Peripheral social channels: 5 top tips to make the most out of their nuances

Advertising on each peripheral social channel is unique; whether we are discussing Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter or Spotify, each channel has its own distinct audience, bespoke advertising formats and targeting mechanisms in place. Therefore, when running paid social outside of Facebook and Instagram, how can we make the most out of these nuances?


1. Paid social on peripheral channels is so much more than just traditional display, video and text ads… there are even formats in beta to consider

For instance, if you are aiming to maximise scale, discoverability, and impact for a campaign to launch a new product or service, then Takeovers on Reddit may be an option for you. On Reddit there are several opportunities here, including 24-hour Category, Front Page or Trending Takeovers. Depending on if you are looking to own top communities in a category of your choosing, want to be the first brand seen on the front page, or are looking to amplify your trend across the Popular and Search Page, this will help you decide which one is best for your brand.

Twitter also has a Promoted Trend option where you can ignite brand conversation with your own custom #hashtag and includes accompanying media cards within user’s timelines. Additionally, there is a First View option too, which is an exclusive placement that enables brands to achieve attention at the top of the timeline when, as you can see in the below graph, users are at their most receptive.

In terms of Snapchat, AR Lens and Filters are where Snapchat really is in its element – a format completely geared around the platform’s unique selling point, the camera features. However, there are formats in beta that are worth considering too such as the Extended Play Commercial, Snapchat’s first furrow into skippable formats, where the user has the option to skip after 6s.

Spotify formats too go beyond the traditional ad format, which in this case is audio. From the 17th June, video formats are now available on the self-serve platform; however, there is also an array of high impact formats to choose from outside of this including Podcast Ads, Sponsored Sessions, Homepage Takeovers and Sponsored Playlists.


2. The first 2-seconds matter most – make them count

Snapchat have recently released a study which concludes that 2/3 of ad awareness lift is achieved in the first 2-seconds. Users are very quick to scroll or swipe past ads on peripheral social channels, particularly vertical video ads and therefore frontloading all content, including brand logos and call-to-actions is crucial to drive brand awareness.


3. Be native… within native

Most peripheral social media channels have both polished and user-generated content – make creative to suit both! The content must be relevant and important to users in order to start building that relationship; therefore depending on the social channel, or even format (i.e. Spotify Podcasts vs. Spotify Sponsored Sessions), the content needs to be tailored accordingly.


4. Shorter is usually better (with some exceptions!)

When considering creative timelengths, shorter does tend to work best on peripheral social channels. Aim for 6s (usually) on Snapchat, whilst 6-15s is optimum on Reddit and Twitter. However, there are anomalies, Reddit users for instance consume a huge amount of written content and therefore are happy to read many lines of text in your ads, and with 300 characters available, don’t be afraid to play around with longer headlines! On Spotify too, the max video length (30s) is the optimum as you are only billed on video completion, meaning you only pay when your video is watched from beginning to end.


5. Tools are available to help you move into this space creatively

Although there is no substitute for a good creative agency, there are free tool kits available to help you convert what assets you have to each platform. Snap Ads for instance work to different specs to Facebook, and therefore you can use Snap Publisher to re-adjust these into the correct specs. Additionally, you can transform your static assets into video to give your ads a bit more cut-through and recall within congested placements.

Similarly with Spotify, often brands don’t have sufficient budgets to create audio assets on top of all the other creative required in a multi-channel campaign. With the Spotify Voiceover Tool you just need to upload your own music or chose a pre-made background track, write a script (which is sent to a voiceover actor in a language and voice profile of your choosing) alongside any notes i.e. pronunciations, emotion and tone and then you’re done! Your ad will be created in 24-48 hours and you can make any necessary amendments you want following this.


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