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Life after lockdown….

Yesterday saw the easing of the strictest of social distancing measures across the world as Spain’s under 14s were allowed out of their homes for the first time in 6 weeks. For children 6 weeks feels like an eternity, just

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Google have stopped third-party measurement on kids’ content on YouTube

Google have just updated their YouTube advertising policy, restricting advertisers’ abilities to measure performance across Made for Kids (MFK) content on the platform. Following YouTube’s $170m fine last year for breaching COPPA by collecting and tracking personal details of minors

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More LOLS and less ZZZs

Why aren’t teenagers getting the message about social distancing? It’s clear from the photos and footage of crowds out and about in the sunshine, from personal experience, and even from Government polling according to this Telegraph article (paywall), that teenagers

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Royal appointment to view – but why only on TV?

The Queen addressed the nation for the first time since 2012 (excluding Christmas Day), with TV being the platform of choice.   Excluding annual Christmas broadcasts to the nation, the Queen addressed the nation on Sunday night for the first

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Who said working from home meant working alone…..

It’s the end of our third week working remotely and we, like many other companies across the UK, have been learning and adapting every day of the lock down. We’re in unprecedented times, not only having to adapt to our

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How is your brand reacting to change?

As the world is facing unprecedented change, it’s time for brands to reflect on how to react in the short-term and how to instigate long- term much needed changes.     Although media is, by definition, an industry affected by

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GM Thought of the Day: #Keep in Touch

Navigating Social Media management for your brand in uncertain times We’re into the second week of lockdown, and Social Media has become a vital form of communication.  Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have seen a 40% increase in usage, as people

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