Does mobile app advertising prove that TV is as strong as ever despite growth in digital ad spend?

We were recently once again reminded of the imposing shadow digital ad spend is casting over the media landscape. Over 50% of all UK ad spend is projected to be deployed on digital media in 2015, making the UK the first territory on the planet where this benchmark has been breached.

Surely this means that other forms of media, and in particular TV, are on the demise and therefore not as relevant in today’s media market? Not necessarily – with c.£16.2bn predicted to be spent on all forms of advertising in 2015, there remains significant scale for TV to once again prove its worth.

Somewhat ironically, it is the advertising spend of mobile based apps such as Supercell’s Clash of Clans and’s Candy Crush that are demonstrating the power of TV advertising. These two, amongst others, have been an almost constant presence on our TV screens in 2015. In fact, during the period 1st Jan-22nd Mar 2015 over 70% of the UK population (aged 4+) – that’s over 41m of us – have seen a Clash of Clans advert at least once.

This heavy-weight use of TV by companies firmly entrenched in the digital world is a clear indication that TV still has a very important part to play when planning and buying effective media campaigns. There is also an argument to be made that TV will continue to grow alongside digital media. Take Facebook for example – in order to sustain online user numbers that justify such large digital ad spend figures, Facebook has embarked on a heavy consumer marketing campaign. At the forefront of this activity – what else but TV…