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Is your brand ready for the social renaissance?

It’s never been more important to meet your customer wherever they are.


This weekend sees the reopening of pubs and restaurants in the UK after over three months of social distancing in the UK.  Excitement has peaked to the extent where Prime minister Boris Johnson has issued a statement to instruct the British public “not to overdo it”.

It is undeniable that content has been paramount during these times, as we have adapted to living our lives through a screen, doing everything from creating shared viewing experiences, quizzes  and doing all of our shopping online.  While we anticipate some of these habits will continue after ‘lock down’ we can see from initial re-openings of stores like Ikea and Primark that the desire to return to normality is very strong.

Ikea offers a very poignant example. Despite the organisation being fully equipped with a comprehensive ecommerce strategy during lockdown, their customers started queuing on their first days of reopening…was this due to Ikea’s iconic meatballs, or simply to the opportunity of doing something “normal”?

Equally brand-new trends for the UK have emerged, for example Drive-in cinemas- a concept that has never taken off here previously.  The first few weeks of shows have sold out and this really highlights how much the public has missed their traditional cinema visits.  In fact, Kantar Media revealed that after beauty treatments, ‘eating out and cinema visits’ was the top experience people were most excited to partake in after lock down.

It is interesting that while people have been able to watch plenty of movies at home on streaming services such as Netflix and we saw feature films forgo their cinematic release window- namely Trolls, people still cannot wait to get back to their local cinemas.  We believe that this is due to the overarching human need for social interaction.

We know this period of time has been hugely disruptive for brands to communicate with consumers but, as we emerge out of lock down, there are some great experiential opportunities available including: event cinema and sponsorship of events like drive-in cinema.

Identifying and shaping the new ‘normality’ will be key and gradual and framed by government restrictions and changes but providing events and experiences follow guidelines brands should not be afraid to get involved!

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