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How We Plan at Generation Media

At Generation Media, we employ various research mechanics to garner insights into the different demographics identifying the best use of media channels to provide an efficient communication process. We heavily invest in market leading measurement tools combined with bespoke work from our sister company iGen to ensure that all planning is rooted in true consumer and market insight.

We start by identifying the various behaviours of a target audience to understand ‘who they are’, ‘what media they consume throughout the day’, ‘do they watch live TV or on demand’ and ‘what motivates them to purchase?’ and ‘where do they purchase’? As all advertisers know this varies from audience to audience and as such it is important to treat each demographic separately.

TV advertising, with its low cost and immediate effect online and at point of sale, will continue to be a dominant media channel for the foreseeable future. However we have seen a clear shift in demand from advertisers to the online space.

As the range of TV channels and various viewing platforms have increased it is a challenging task to undertake. We must ensure that the message is not ‘out shouted’ in a cluttered environment. Due to fragmentation we cannot rely on 1+ coverage levels to convert to sales, we need to focus on reaching the target audience at a 4+ level when consumers are most likely to convert to purchase.

We work in a results business; all campaigns are benchmarked with specific return on investment targets. We focus on gaining value for all clients and will analyse sales and online search data to measure the effectiveness of communications on your bottom line.