GM Thought of the Week: What’s Ahead for The Great British Bake Off?

The showstopper…… signature dish….the technical challenge…are all terms any Bake Off fanatic will be familiar with. But after a ‘show stopping’ series last year which saw Candice Brown, the early favourite, take the title as winner of the BBC hit show it was a surprise to find out that the nation’s sweetheart of TV shows was up for grabs to the highest bidder.


After transitioning across to Channel 4 there was much discussion in national and trade press as to whether the show would perform to the same levels knowing that a lot of the key talent was not part of the move. Not only this but the channel needed to contend with backlash from viewers about having to sit through advertisements when they have previously been used to one hour of cake filled bliss.


With the new version of Bake Off fast approaching (word in the kitchen is 30th August) it is no surprise to hear this week that competitor channels are planning their programming schedules around the show, purposely showcasing key content at the same time to pull viewers away from Channel 4.


It will be interesting to keep a close eye on the viewing figures of not only Channel 4 but channels such as ITV and BBC on the day of the new launch to see whether tactics have paid off or whether the attraction of sugary treats is just too much for the British public to contend with…