GM Thought of the Week: Virtual Reality on the Big Screen

I, like many other members of the public, enjoy sitting in the cinema once every few months to experience the ‘Big Screen’ watching one of the new releases in an environment catered for switching off for 90 minutes (or slightly longer if you are booked in to see the latest from the Star Wars franchise!).


So it pleases me to hear how a media channel that has been around for quite some time (1927 when the first motion picture was produced if we are being exact) continues to develop its offering with the introduction of new technology.


Some may be familiar with a news article published just last week regarding AMC Theaters and their Virtual Reality Experiences. For those who aren’t, Dreamscape Immersive have just signed a deal with AMC Entertainment (one of the world’s largest cinema chains) to open up 6 virtual reality multiplexes across the next 18 months in both the US and UK.


The idea is to offer lots of people the chance to explore a virtual reality environment at once, seeing fully rendered avatars of one another.


It describes how Dreamscape is looking to join a roster of other companies ‘taking advantage of the still-untapped consumer promise of virtual-reality technology, the desperate need by shopping malls to reinvent themselves and the pressure on movie studios to find new avenues of growth’.


With tickets in the US rumored to be similar to your standard ticket price it will be interesting to see how long it takes before this is introduced in a Westfield near you. I, for one, will be booking….unless it is a horror film, in which case you can count me out of any immersive experiences.


Lauren Coombs, Director of Client Services


Source: The NY Times ‘Coming Soon to AMC Theaters: Virtual Reality Experiences’ 26th Sept 2017.