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GM Thought of the Week – Safety First for Kids Online

This week’s thought of the week was an obvious topic for me: there have been so many stories on both child and brand safety online that it is difficult to think of anything else.


Media outlets are keen to expose inappropriate content available to children on YouTube and the wider internet – and rightly so. Although it’s a very small proportion of YouTube’s vast array of videos, newspapers still manage to publicise ‘dodgy’ content on their YouTube Kids platform. This sparks two questions. Firstly, who is to blame for kids being exposed to this: society, parents or the content platform? It’s a debate that can and will rage on. Secondly, what does this mean for brands? Well, in a constantly changing marketplace it is nigh on impossible for a brand to be guaranteed 100% brand safety: but there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk. These include, non-exhaustively:


  • A media agency who are constantly monitoring your campaigns and flagging potential hazards.
  • Media campaigns that Test, Measure and Refine your targeting and placements to weed out anything that may be considered untoward, or poor value.
  • Only working with EU GDPR compliant sites is essential, given that these laws come into effect from 25th May this year.
  • Knowledge is power and so KidAware training in conjunction with SuperAwesome is recommended – get in touch to arrange this, or to discuss brand safety in general.


I’ll be writing more on this topic in my regular ToyWorld column: Living in a Digital World. The article features in the upcoming March issue so do keep your eyes peeled for this!