GM Thought of the Week – Press ABCs – Decline? Don’t take it as read

We saw the release of the ABCs last week – and for a market that is often maligned as moribund, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Yes overall there was decline but it is not spiralling out of control. The Women’s Magazine market for instance declined only 0.3% in the past 6 months (but is down 7% YoY). Preschool was down just 1% YoY in a sector that saw few new launches, and both Primary Girls and Primary Boys were up in the period – great news for all including those traditionalists who feel kids are spending too much time staring at screens. It’s also amazing to see how Disney Frozen’s popularity endures almost half a decade on – the movie was released in 2013 and yet the eponymous magazine remains firmly top of the pops for the Primary Girls market with a circulation of 61,000 copies.


The Parenting Press market found 2017 a tough year with most titles experiencing decline in their circulations. With more mums turning to Facebook for advice, it looks unlikely that this sector will return to their halcyon days.


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Nadia Khaldi, Associate Director