GM Thought Of The Week: Moz the Monster – Love Him or Hate Him?

Moz the Monster


I’m going to start and finish my Thought of the Week with the same thought – I love Moz!


The much-awaited John Lewis Christmas advert has as usual caused a stir both in the press and on social media.


I have heard it said that the advert ‘lacked emotional attachment’ and that it is a ‘safe bet’. Some even suggested that perhaps it’s time for John Lewis to be braver with their creative and try something new.


Personally, I’m very happy that they stuck with what they do best; which is creating a lovely heart-warming story with a lovable character.


And no, it’s not a million miles away from Buster the Bulldog or Monty the Penguin but does that REALLY matter?


With rumours in the press that the John Lewis’ marketing team were going to be mixing things up this year, the arrival of Moz has been a disappointment to many.


But not to me.


The combination of Elbow’s mellow cover of ‘Golden Slumbers’ by the Beatles and a huge huggable monster living under a little boy’s bed has pushed all my festive buttons and makes me want to hunker down with a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine for the rest of the year!


Love him or hate him (I love him – did I mention that?) he’s here to stay for the next 6 weeks or so.


Lisa Kinsella, Associate Director of AV Investment