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GM Thought of the Week – How much data do they have on me?

Whilst you sit at your office reading this article or on your phone after a long days work, at this exact time there may also be another employee sat in their office whose sole role is to track your online behaviour.


As mentioned in a recent BBC article, ‘firms such as Acxion, Experian, Quantium, Corelogic, eBureau, ID Analytics- can hold as many as 3,000 data points on every consumer’ which might be deemed a worrying stat.


If you are anything like myself, I add and delete numerous apps from my phone every week and then repeat the process all over again. But after reading the recent news it has made me stop and think about how many of those companies actually have data relating to me personally. More importantly, what are they doing with it?


My first thought was ‘I wonder what the data says about me?’ Well if I wanted to find out that answer, I could contact every app and website that I have been on and read through their privacy policy and request the data they have on record. But this could take years and most of us just don’t have the free time to do it.


However, we all know it can be time consuming to read those before reaching the content you have clicked onto the site for, so will we let that disrupt our user experience?  I personally will continue to press ‘agree’ and move on.


The reason being is because I am not worried about the level of data collected about myself. I like adverts that are more targeted to me and re-targeting has made me purchase products I walked away from previously but am now pleased I own.


There will undoubtedly be a shortfall of potential consumers for advertisers to reach due to the level of people who will restrict the amount of data they share. But I will not be one of them.


My main concern is how this will affect the economy? If less people are seeing ads, less products will be purchased and the economy will no doubt suffer as a result.


Lauren Coombs, Director of Client Services