GM Thought of the Week: Going for Gold

Generation Media has been dedicated to the mission of professionalising the toy advertising industry since our launch in 2008.


Part of this process has been to ensure we not only meet but exceed the industry standards for the training and development of our team.


With four consecutive years of gold standard accreditation for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) we are now at platinum status. With the 2017 submission date fast approaching, we are focusing on our investments in this area and the contribution it has made to our business success.


What our experience in this area has demonstrated to us is that be it meeting the company’s growth objectives, staff retention, or client satisfaction, training plays a fundamental part in our journey over the past decade.


So what have we learnt along the way….?

  • Invest in your people – Be it your time, training budget or career path they are the ones that are delivering for the business day in day out. Whether it be the small day to day tasks, big wins and anything in between don’t let it go unrecognised.
  • Keep them motivated – No business is smooth sailing 100% of the time. The key is to equip the team with the tools and vision to get them over the hurdles and to encourage them to face it together not alone.
  • Don’t underestimate appraisals – Just like business plans people need targets and roadmaps. How will they get to the destination if they don’t know what it is and what they need to do to get there?
  • Cascade your learnings – With new starters joining and existing teams facing new challenges in their development it is critical to revisit and share training materials and outtakes. Be it through “lunch n learn”s, a training portal or on the job training it is critical to share the wealth of knowledge we have accrued throughout our careers to inspire our managers, peers, and successors.
  • Bring clients on the journey – Where possible we involve our clients in the development process. Through inviting them to industry events, opening up our third party training opportunities and running media inductions, not only do they get new opportunities to learn but they understand the role CPD plays in our business.
  • Make it part of your culture – all companies have a culture be it defined or not. The key is in ensuring it is a positive one that promotes growth and development for the individuals and the team. Here at Generation Media we label ours DNA (Drive, eNergy, teAmwork) and ensure it is at the heart of everything we do.


See more here about how IPA Gold can help your agency.


Lisa Morgan, Managing Director