GM Thought of the Week: Bake Off or Turn Off for C4?

With #ItalianWeek trending across the United Kingdom on October 10th 2017, it proved that the latest season of The Great British Bake Off was still pulling in the viewers and driving conversation about the latest instalments from the tent.


Whilst the new presenters have received fairly positive reviews on the Twittersphere, the truth is that the programme has not performed to the same level as previous years. If we focus on performance against Mums with children under the age of 3, across September 2016 the show was delivering on average 457,000 views. In comparison with September 2017, following the move to Channel 4 it is now delivering on average 293,000 views. This is a significant decline of approximately 36%.


If we home in further to Kids 7-12, in September last year the show was delivering on average 349,000 vs 215,000 in September 2017, a 39% decline!


However, when we review the top performing shows against Kids 7-12 for the last full month of consolidated data, The Great British Bake Off did rank in the No. 1 position beating rivals such as Coronation Street, The Simpsons and The X Factor that have typically secured the top spot.


When we compare the show to kids specific shows it is providing increased impact. For example on average Ninjago: Possession on CITV was delivering on average 51,000 Kids 7-12 impacts. If we delve further into shows on paid channels e.g. Disney Channel, then the next top performing show is Mack Chat delivering 17,000 Kids 7-12 impacts on average across the month.


So whilst The Great British Bake Off might not be ‘on a roll’ it is still rising to the top spot amongst older children and Mums alike. No doubt the level of advert viewing in a show transmitting at 8pm on Tuesdays supports C4’s decision to pay the £75m price tag!


Alex Taylor-Smith, Associate Director



Source: BARB, 2017