GM Thought Of The Week: A Decade of Development for TV

With Generation Media’s 10th anniversary on the horizon, our thoughts have been turning to industry developments over the last 10 years. It has also stimulated serious consideration of what future changes will develop, and how we adapt to stay at the forefront of this change in the modern media world. How we measure, value and buy media has transformed over the last decade and this is just the beginning.


Statista have pinpointed 2016 as the year Digital advertising expenditure globally overtook TV . Online has certainly made a play for TV budgets within our market but the kids sector is somewhat protected from the full force of the impact. Advertising to kids via TV is still low cost, relative to other audiences and media (including online), and has a proven track record of being highly effective.


Whilst the tipping point is yet to be reached in our market it is only a matter of time before the scales move in favour of digital online. A large portion of this spend is in online video advertising which grew at 46% in the front half of 2017 versus the previous year . Many agencies, including our own, have taken steps to integrate video (be it on or offline) into a single video buying unit. No longer do TV teams solely buy traditional TV spots but operate across the video spectrum.


With the natural convergence of the two formats the traditional TV trading mechanic is under pressure from the online automated approach. All the major TV companies globally have a roadmap for the future to remain relevant and more importantly commercially viable . These are in the main centred on all TV content being delivered through the internet, buying being facilitated by a programmatic ad strategy and trading desks which facilitate advertisers to laser targeting content and audiences.


Whilst the details are still hazy for some one thing is for certain is that a change will happen, TV trading will undergo a period of transformation in the next 10 years. Our internal processes, approaches and tools are already adapting to accommodate this new world. “The Media Aggregator”, Generation Media’s proprietary tool, assesses the requirements of individual briefs to define the correct balance of TV to Online expenditure, whilst our revolutionary research, “Kids and the Screen: Changing the Channel”, provides a complete picture of video consumption amongst children age 2-9 years.


Whilst we are always preparing for what we think the future holds the real focus is adaptability, remaining flexible and reactive to the advancements and challenges, whatever they might be.


As Oscar Wilde so eloquently put it “To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect”.



Lisa Morgan
19th December 2017