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Vloggers: Updated Code of Conduct for Marketers

Kids love YouTube vloggers, and 5 of the 10 most popular channels on YouTube are targeted at children. The channel Toys AndMe has received 3 billion views since going live in 2015. Star of the channel is Tiana, an 8 year old girl who review toys and candy and complete challenges with her friends and family. Another popular YouTuber you may be familiar with  is DanTDM who publishes daily gaming videos, often featuring popular kids’ game Minecraft. Most videos see 1M+ views and he has now expanded his offering by a road show which travels the globe.

Reviewing the latest findings from TGI we can see that 40% of children aged 7-12 have watched 10 popular YouTube channels in the last 4 weeks. These figures are likely to be higher as although it included Zoella and Pewdiepie, it didn’t include many of the other popular YouTube stars such as ToysAndMe, EmilyTube and DanTDM.

Toy advertisers now invest in marketing campaigns with many of these vloggers to tap in to their influence and growing fan base. Often these are videos where the brands products are featured. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) outline that not disclosing paid commercial content is banned practice under consumer protection law. However, as a fairly new media, both influencers and marketer have been unsure of how to best label sponsored content.

In 2015, the ASA stated it wanted to create clearer guidelines for vloggers and brands. This came as a consequence of banning a YouTube ad in 2014 for Oreo by vloggers Dan and Phil, who did not make clear that they were being paid by Mondelez to make a video about a ‘lick race’.

The ASA has now published new guidelines on how to clearly label sponsored content to ensure brands and influencers are aware of best practice.

As an agency, we believe influencer marketing holds but for brands to develop campaigns and make them more effective there needs to be more clarity around the rules of engagement. Therefore we welcome the recent updates by ASA to the CAP code to provide clearer guidelines.

The full guidelines can be found here:

If you would like to know more about influencer marketing, please get in touch with myself or a member of the team.

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