GM Thought of The Week

Your Internet history belonging to you is a thing of the past

I’m sure you’ve seen in the news this week the latest bill that has been passed by President Trump. To sum it up, the President has signed a bill that repeals the internet privacy rules put in place during the Obama administration. This means that internet providers in the US, such as AT&T and Verizon, no longer need customer permission to use personal data including browsing history, geo-location, app usage and even financial data. What that means for the consumer is that their data can be sold off to the highest bidder to then serve advertising.

Whilst at the moment this is a US only initiative it does beg the question of whether this could lead to a domino effect for the UK & Europe with internet providers piling on the pressure to UK law makers. Although the idea of losing privacy of your own data is not a heart-warming one, if it does get passed here will it actually make a huge difference to the internet experience as a whole? Should it be entertained in the UK then these questions will need to be addressed.

With COPPA legislation coming into effect from May 2018, meaning we cannot compile information on those 13 and under without parental consent, the impact of this latest bill from the US won’t be felt on the kids advertising market. However, it’ll be interesting to see how this impacts upon the wider UK advertising landscape…only time will tell.