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Last One Standing @ AdWeek Europe 2017

On Monday, I made my debut in AdWeek Europe 2017’s Last One Standing. This was an event run by the Advertising Association and News UK, hosted by renowned journalist David Aaronovitch. The question put to me and my competitors was challenging and bold: “How do we win back public trust in advertising?”

My answer was simple in principle: “We must see the world through the eyes of a child”.

In summary, I reasoned that the following points were true to both seeing the world through the eyes of a child and restoring public trust in advertising

= Stability and innovation must be provided in balance; the amount of each dependent on the consumer

= Knowing your consumer so intimately that they feel unique, that your message is meant for them alone

= Influencing and advising builds trust better than dictating opinion. Be influential and let the consumer follow you

= Have wonderful shared experiences over a long period of time to build repeated behaviour

The most trusted brands have, on average, double the market share and higher brand growth than those who are not.

I also challenged myself to present my argument without words on my slides, using only photographs from my childhood to signpost my story – a test in itself.

Whilst I was not eponymously the event winner, it provided a great experience for me.  At Generation Media we are always looking at ways of thinking outside the box, and this allowed me to do just that – developing a metaphorical argument that is far more than just numbers on a spreadsheet or diagrams on a slide. I fully intend to take this thinking back into my day to day strategy planning which can only be a good thing for our clients and their long term brand success. You can also never have too much of a good thing – and voicing my opinion is certainly a favourite hobby of mine!

Event details can be found at:

Keep an eye out for the full video of the event, which is coming soon.