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Worrying Signs in the kids’ TV Market Place

It has been reported recently that Toys and Games ad pressure has declined year on year across January and February.

The Toys and Games market is reported to have run 12 less ad campaigns with 25% less impacts than the same period last year. Out of the top 3 traditional Toy advertisers, statistics show that Hasbro and Mattel’s campaign count and impacts levels where slightly down v last year, however LEGO’s campaign count was on a par, interestingly with a 55% increase in the commercial impacts delivered across them.

As Easter is 3 weeks later this year compared to 2016, we may well see some advertisers coming on a little later to capture the Easter gifting Market and therefore we may see an increase in campaigns in the coming months. Or is this drop off purely symptomatic of the 24% decline in kids commercial impacts so far this year?

It has been argued that the quality of kids programming is at fault for this decline in viewing, but is this necessarily the case? There are still some very good quality programmes on Children’s TV at the moment, shows such as Lion Guard on Disney Jnr, a New Ben 10 on Cartoon Network and a brand new versions of Henson’s Sesame Street on Cartoonito, what is different today is how and where kids are watching this content, virtually all the highest performing TV shows are available to watch on “un-measured” VOD platforms and You Tube!

If TV audiences do continue to follow this declining trend, we would recommend advertisers do consider moving a proportion of their marketing budget into VOD and You Tube.

We always recommend running our clients budgets through our bespoke planning tool the Media Aggregator, to evaluate whether investment should be made into Digital online and how much budget we should consider investing in this arena.

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