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GM Thought of the Week : Children’s Media Habits

Children’s media habits over the school holidays


School is well and truly finished for an entire six weeks, what an exciting time for the average 6-15 year old! Six weeks of nothing but hanging out with friends, driving parents mad and of course consuming a lot of media.


An area that seems to have become ever topical in recent months is whether kids viewing of kids commercial channels is comparable to that of content viewed on YouTube. 83% of Kids aged 7-12 now watch videos on YouTube and as we have recently seen an explosion of ‘content chasers’ evolving, it is no surprise that more advertisers are integrating the channel into their media strategy.


With some of these YouTube videos amassing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views, one may be led to believe that these videos are reaching more kids than the TV screen. However, it is easy to become blindsided by the big numbers quoted under each video.


We need to take into account that the views are worldwide and account for every person who is watching whether they are a child, parent, advertiser or journalist. The video views are also not completed views and are counted when someone watches 10s of a video.


In comparison, on TV we can measure by territory and by specific audiences. For example, pre-school favourite Peppa Pig has delivered 212m views against children YTD (1st Jan – 10th July ‘16) meaning that just one programme in the UK year to date is comparable with a worldwide YouTube channel.


So what happens if we focus on a TV station and its respective YouTube channel e.g Disney Jr?


In the last 30 days, the Disney Jr YouTube channel has recorded 95m views (c.3.1m views a day). In comparison, across the full month of June 2017, the Disney Jr TV channel delivered 255m Individual equivalent (eq.) commercial impacts (c. 8.5m views a day) of which 116m against children specifically –all of which are UK based.


So whilst we know YouTube is one of the most popular destinations for Kids as they ‘chase their favourite programmes/shows’, we must be conscious to effectively provide marketing solutions that are reflective of how viewing is consumed across platforms, and with that TV most definitely remains King.


With this in mind, please contact us to learn more about The Media Aggregator; a Generation Media owned proprietary tool to help assess the optimal investment pattern between TV and other AV media.


Sources: Youth TGI, 2017/ Social Blade.


Alex Smith, Associate Director