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GM Thought of the Week: Dr Who Gender Row Splitting Hers?

Dr Who Drama – Gender Row Splitting Hers?


This week we saw the announcement of a new Doctor Who in Jodie Whittaker. Social Media almost broke down with the news that the next Time Lord would be female – with sentiment both good and bad. Even today, The Telegraph asks whether the announcement was deliberate given the BBC’s salary announcements in which more men were paid big bucks than women. I sincerely hope not.


Gender within the Toys & Games space is a hot topic, and something that I cover in my ‘Living in a Digital World’ column for ToyWorld magazine. It seems a crying shame that in 2017 we still have to have these debates on a regular basis. It’s ‘supply and demand’ in a sense – you can make toys, and market them as gender neutral, but will parents buy them? Industry figures seem to suggest that we are moving in a direction where this is happening– which is great.


Back to The Doctor and from what I can see on Social Media, the audience that Generation specialise in: millennials and younger, are proving far more accepting of gender neutral Doctor. Parents say that their kids (boys and girls alike) were jumping around their living rooms at the news – which fills me with hope that we can continue to break down gender barriers both in Toys & Games and wider British society.


I’m no 9 year old, but in my view, a time-travelling, shape-shifting alien should surely be able to change something so basic and superficial as gender. And if Daleks can learn to climb stairs, then surely anything is possible.