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Is there longevity in the Child Influencer?

In 2016, child influencers or ‘YouTubers’ embedded themselves in the psyche of every Toys & Games Marketer. So much so, whispers of the word ‘unboxing’ could be heard from every corner of Toy Fair!

A year on, Generation Media’s digital arm nGen recently shared a news article highlighting the substantial figures paid to some of the worlds top child influencers – and the figures are simply astonishing!

One US based influencer, Evan from EvanTube with 2.8m subscribers, is reported to be making $1.8m a year (see below source). But as this becomes big business for those successful YouTubers, it becomes the job of the media agency and marketing teams to determine whether this should now be a feature in marketing solutions.

While there are certainly some success stories with unboxing videos building brand association, and ultimately WOM, we need to look at this route with some caution. With children becoming Older-Younger-Faster, the longevity of this approach is in question as audiences become savvy to what some call – a blatant market approach.

Is a video achieving 1,000,000 views still providing a strong return on investment if only 10% of views are from the UK where the product is on sale? Similarly, how does the cost per thousand views compare to Kids TV, which is traditionally the most cost effective medium for reaching Kids in the UK? The answers all depends on the price an advertiser pays. To further assess this question amongst others, in 2016 Generation Media introduced the Media Aggregator. Our bespoke tool seeks to answer two key questions – should an investment be made in Digital Online, and if so, how much?

For more information about this tool works, please contact myself or another member of the Generation Media team.