GM Thought of the Week

The plan to reinvent Kids TV. 

A recent article has outlined the BBC’s proposed budgetary increase of 31.4m in kids’ content and entertainment strands over the next 3 years, and how the BBC plan to reinvent the corporation for a “new generation”.

As buyers of Kids commercial TV airtime we ask ourselves, how will this affect the market?  If the BBC increase the quality of their content, will this take further audiences away from the commercial kids TV space?

The two reasons the BBC are doing this, the article explains, is to compete with the ever increasing output on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and also to offer young people more British homemade content and steer them away from US content which they feel is shaping and defining young people’s culture today.

What the article doesn’t mention is Ofcom: are the BBC, as well as commercial rival ITV (who also overseen a long term decline in spending on British content for children), being forced by the regulator to increase their children’s entertainment output? A Telegraph article from April 2017, alludes to this.


Exciting times ahead for the “young generation” with homemade content on the increase, which historically the BBC has produced, broadcast and exported so well. But will this drive the younger audiences back to the TV screen or straight onto iPlayer, and will this change the thought process of ITV and other smaller Kids TV stations that rely on US content? Resultantly, will Ofcom step in and enforce all other UK broadcasters do the same.