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Driving digital skills in the UK

After a week of political debate and a hung parliament, the 12th of June brought with it the introduction of London Tech week; a festival of live events across the city that celebrates the best of tech. The aim is to provide businesses with opportunities such as networking with the likes of Richard Branson as well as tips on social and business learnings for new start-ups.

The week comprises of numerous events discussing a range of topics from connected innovation to making your brand more human. One aspect I found particularly interesting was the launch of Google’s Digital Skills Academy. During a period of time that has registered some bad press for Google, it was about time the trade had something more positive to comment on.

The Academy which is located in Victoria is dedicated to ‘educating and inspiring’ not just children but also CEOs and will teach people how to improve their digital skills which is imperative in a time when 37% of children as young as 3-4 years old are accessing the YouTube site or app.

The Academy is backed by charities as well as the UK government in a bid to drive digital skills within the UK. It certainly seems timely after reading an article recently stating that children are turning their backs on traditional careers in favour of internet fame, claiming they want to be an ‘YouTuber’ or ‘vlogger’. I don’t know about you but I still have my sights set on being an Astronaut…. who knows…one day…

Source: GB TGI 2017


Lauren Coombs,  Director of Client Services