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Content Strategy: 3 key questions you need to ask

More and more brands are developing content to engage with their audiences. In this article, we...

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Do Kids need to wake up to BBC TV, or Vice Versa?

So the BBC have decided that the best way to innovate in the kids space is to return to the age old, much loved format of live Saturday morning TV ( It may sound like a great idea in theory, but are kids of today, particularly those in the all-important 4-9 bracket, in need of regular “appointment to view” programming? Kids live in an On Demand media landscape, so how does live linear programming fit into this? And if (against the odds) we have another SMTV on our hands, how will it affect viewing to the commercial channels catering for kids demographics? Michaella Williams, one of our rising stars and Senior Account Manager has looked a little deeper into the issue, and I encourage you to read her thoughts here: Will CBBC’s Saturday Morning “Innovation” be Live and Dangerous for Kids Commercial TV?



Jonathan Chambers, Director and Head of AV Investment

1st June 2017