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Growth in the Kids Audience Size

As of April 2017, the BARB population of Kids 4-15 in the UK reached 9,000,000 for the first time, thus making the audience of children in the UK comparable to that of the entire population of London! BARB collects data from 5,500 homes across the UK, which collectively represents the viewing behaviours of the UK’s 26m TV households, in one of the most robust television panels in the world.

Looking at the data in more detail, we can see a reported 7% increase in the number of Children 4-15 from 2012 (8,421,000 to 9,009,000 this year). While the % split between Boys and Girls is almost exactly 50:50, by looking at the age breakdowns we can see that key target audiences Children 4-6, Children 7-9 & Children 10-15 have all increased from 2012.

These figures should provide confidence that there is opportunity to, in part, contribute to a growing Toys and Games industry, but also reignite assurance to marketers that the audience sizes for communications is larger than ever before. There are now an additional 588,000 children in comparison to 2012!

While Kids commercial airtime remains the most cost efficient means of reaching children, we must remember that the platform can only reach a maximum c. 80% of children across traditional Kids commercial channels alone. At which point, there is risk of ad wear out as the cost to reach a unique %, becomes more expensive.

This is where Generation Media’s bespoke planning tool ‘The Media Aggregator’ (TMA) comes into play. This tool, alongside a number of various elements, answers two key questions facing the industry today: whether investment should be made away from TV (this is when the cost of the alternative AV media is comparable to TV) and secondly, if so, how much of our traditional TV budgets we should consider investing. Once there is ‘permission’ to spend the system will recommend a unique media budget split based on variables identified in the briefing process.

For more information on how our TMA works, please contact myself or another member of the GM team.

Alex Smith, Associate Director

11th May 2017