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GM Thought of the Day: #Keep in Touch

Navigating Social Media management for your brand in uncertain times

We’re into the second week of lockdown, and Social Media has become a vital form of communication.  Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have seen a 40% increase in usage, as people are turning to online to stay connected with friends and family (Kantar).  It’s more important than ever right now for brands to use their Social channels to talk to their audiences and keep both positive messaging, reassurance and brand awareness front of mind.  Here are Generation Media’s top 5 tips for employing a successful social media strategy in these uncertain times:

1. Show empathy with your audience. You are well aware of the struggles families are experiencing with school closures, and will probably have new ‘teachers’ on your own staff.  Empathise with the stress of home schooling, and look to add value to your customers’ lives. For example, if you’re a toy brand you could offer product giveaways and invite your audience to share experiences of children playing with these toys during lockdown. Or if you’re an arts and crafts brand, why not run Facebook Live craft sessions for kids once a week?  Even if your brand doesn’t have distribution at the moment, it is still possible to increase brand loyalty and awareness and show support for your target market.

2. Honesty is the best policy. Speak openly to your customers about the challenges your brand is facing in the current climate, offer a pledge to them about the service you’re determined to continue to provide, and explain what new or amended policies you have in place during the period.  Social Media is a unique vehicle with which to have a two way conversation with your audience daily, so don’t turn your back on them during this challenging time.

3. Discover and search for conversations relevant to you and your brand and get involved with them. Searching hashtags is the easiest way to do this; for example, if you are a children’s baking brand you can easily search all the conversations taking place about baking nationally and join in. Show active support for causes, campaigns and charities aligned to your brand strategies, to demonstrate your brand values and personality.

4. Engage with your audiences. Ask questions and inspire customers to use your social channels – request your customers’ top tips on being in isolation with a toddler, and get them to use your platforms as a hub to create discussion. Encourage user-generated content and shared experiences.

5. Look to amplify successful posts – the cost of Facebook/Instagram advertising is extremely low at present. Take advantage of this to amplify some of your popular posts and increase your customer base.

At Generation Media we are committed to keeping your company connected.  We’d love to have a chat to talk to you about how to navigate Social for your brand specifically – get in touch for a virtual coffee. Stay safe, and stay home.