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GM Director’s Thought of the Week

Each week, one of the Agency Directors gives their thought on the biggest story to hit our sector. We start with the release of the new Apple iPhone: our Head of Digital Martin Doyle discusses his thoughts on the release, and the effect of the ‘device trickle-down’ on kids mobile usage.


I saw a journalist use the phrase “evolution not revolution in their review”, but to me the iPhone 7 launch felt like a more significant step forward than previous years. There were only a few innovations this time around but Apple did play heavily on these and I suspect they have done enough to drive consumers to upgrade rather than switch to a rival brand. Of course the main talking point was the removal of the headphone jack: I see the need for innovation and it makes sense to me, but I’m feeling uneasy about having to shell out £129 on headphones, especially ones that could pop out of my ears and disappear whilst running or commuting.


Whilst it’s rare to see brand new iPhones in the hands of kids, new developments make the new handset more desirable to adults who in turn will hand down older handsets to their children. Apple’s two year ownership cycle, the ability to move onto pay as you go and near blanket WiFi in the UK means that previous generation iPhones are still highly desirable aspirational gadgets for kids and likely to be handed down by parents.