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GM Director’s Thought of the Week

This week, our Associate Director of AV Daniel Chrystie discusses the Great British Bake Off’s move to Channel 4.


Great British Bake Off’s impending £75m move to Channel 4, and the commercialised world, has certainly bought with it a few big changes to the show. Not only is the obvious introduction of adverts but no more will Mel and Sue be presenting the show. But more importantly than that, at least according to those people I’ve spoken to, there will be no more Mary Berry!


She has stated her belief that Paul Hollywood will ‘carry it on successfully’ and it’ll certainly be interesting to see if that’s the case and whether the clamour for advertising around the show is as strong as Channel 4 are hoping. If the show continues to get over 10 million viewers, as overnight figures show it did this week, then I’m sure there will be plenty of interest! This could well prove to be the (very expensive) icing on top of the Channel 4 cake…