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GM Director’s Thought of the Week

Each week, one of the Agency Directors give their thought on the a story that caught their eye in the press. This week, Director of Client Services, Lauren Coombs discusses rising number of kids aspiring to be YouTube stars. This article looks into 2btube, the company who train kids to be YouTubers.


It is interesting that when I was about 15 the idea of becoming a celebrity was by becoming an actress or singer or even getting yourself on a reality TV show. Nowadays all you need to do is use your iPhone camera and record yourself unboxing toys or doing your make up to become a YouTube sensation.


I used to go to Drama class Summer camps and today’s children can go to a two week camp run by 2btube that teaches them to become YouTubers.


Kids are attuned to the fact that the world desires content and if they can create that content then they are on to a winner.


I still battle between whether I think it’s a good thing that kids have the independence to be their own enterprise or if they are losing their childhood by doing so. Or is it just the fact that I am jealous that I wasn’t earning thousands by making a video when I was their age…