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The New World Map 2015


As part of our 2015 planning process, we now present the fifth incarnation of the New World map.

The main development for our 2015 kids online map has been the influx of ‘The App Armada’, a recognition that kids are spending more time interacting with apps as part of a wider mobile device exposure. The Facebook peninsula has shrunk from an unavoidable landmass to an optional destination amongst teenagers. We hear that teenagers have deserted Facebook: the numbers back this up, but not on the sort of scale the media will have us believe. You won’t find many online properties that have the reach amongst kids that Facebook has: so it is still part of young people’s digital armoury, but shares online time with rival apps such as Instagram and Snapchat.

If we are using the map as a predictive tool for the future, then the present terra incognita open to exploration would be the preschool space. Finally, we snuck in one little development that we as an agency are really excited about – it’s Oculus Rift, now owned by Facebook. If British kids are lucky, they might just get their hands on this device in late 2015 – if so we can expect youngsters to plot a course here at full speed.