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The New World Map 2013/14


Our 2013/14 map saw changes both large and small.

There have been a lot of little changes over time: we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the kids’ space and we ensure that the New World map reflects these developments. The eagle-eyed might spot that the bridge between Nickelodeon and Bin Weevils in the 2011-2014 editions no longer exists, or that sites such as TinyPop and Kix that once sat in The Dolphin Sea and then The Sky Blue Sea are in 2015 encompassed in The SuperAwesome Lagoon. We are seeing companies like SuperAwesome coming into the kids’ Digital space making a splash, partnering with a range of sites and building up an empire that advertisers cannot ignore. Finally, in 2013 we recognised the fact that games consoles take kids’ attention away from websites, especially for boys. With increasing numbers playing console games online, it was important for us to detail this on the map: The Console Whirlpool was born.