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A Generation of Toys

Top toy surveys are nothing new but Toy News released one last week with a bit of a difference. The respondents of their survey were current executives working in the businesses of making, marketing and selling toys and were asked to list their top toys of all time.

No prizes for guessing what took the top spot. Not only did LEGO create the top grossing film of 2014 in the UK but they also topped this chart of industry favourites.

As the respondents ranged in age the list includes brands from Spirograph and Atari to Girls World and Cards Against Humanity. Looking through the list is like taking a walk through time and showcases the progression of toys over the last few decades.

Board games make up the majority of the list with over 20% of products featured falling under this category but interestingly tech toys are very scarce in this list, no Gameboys, Tamagotchi’s, Nikko Cars. Last year’s Christmas toy lists were riddled with tech toys like, Xeno, My Friend Cayla and the KidiZoom Smart Watch, highlighting the progression of the market and the evolution of toy design, so it would be interesting to conduct ToyNews’ survey again in 10 years and see the sort of toys being included then.

Below is the top 10 from the list:

3)Action Man
6)Rubix Cube
6)Kenner’s Star Wars Toys
8)Matchbox Cars
8)Playing Cards

If we have peeked your interest and you want to see if your favourite made the generation of toys list, click the source below: