E3 2015 – Still waiting for Zelda…

With the previous two incarnations of E3 very much focusing on the battle for supremacy between Sony and Microsoft, E3 provides publishers the opportunity to switch focus back onto the games and present their hyperbolic claims as to the state of their most important and impending releases.

Whilst new announcements at E3 will always generate generous levels of hype (even more so if they are mysteriously “leaked” beforehand), this year the excitement could be focused on titles we’ve known about for some time (and then some).

It has already been announced that Sony’s exclusive series Uncharted will return for a fourth iteration, little surprise given the levels of success Nathan Drake has delivered for Naughty Dog and Sony. Not to be outgunned on the exclusives front, Microsoft will surely reveal more of the sequel to “cult-classic” Crackdown, having already teased the game at E3 2014.

Yet despite the two major players in video games right now once again trading blows, it is Nintendo who perhaps have the greatest opportunity to steal the show. Zelda Wii U was originally announced as far back as 2013 as part of the media furore surrounding the launch of the Wii U, with many seeing it as a major reason for buying the console. 2 years on however, we are still unclear as to when the game will launch, having suffered a delay to the proposed launch of March 2015. Whilst a release before Christmas is unlikely (particualry given Nintendo’s intentions – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6Pzdl1wdUM), any proposed release date will be sure to steal headlines away from their rivals.