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Communication is key, let’s all stay connected

In this new world, we all feel like we are living in an apocalyptic Netflix drama.  Shelves are cleared of essentials, streets are eerily quiet, and solemn briefings are delivered from Downing Street at 5pm every evening as the globe comes to a standstill.  We’re seeing with sudden clarity just how vital the role that NHS staff, care workers, teachers, and scientists play in keeping us safe, and what we ‘do’ pales in significance. It is easy for us in the marketing industry to feel helpless in the face of this debilitating virus.  We can’t make ventilators; we can’t save people’s lives.  You could be forgiven for thinking we don’t have a role to play.

But this would be entirely the wrong attitude. Now, more than ever, we need to communicate, and that’s where our industry can step up and play a vital role.  This is what we do, day in, day out, and we need to be joining the dots to help people feel connected in our new and remote world.  We can lead the way in supporting each other and conversing effectively.  We can use TV, social and all the media and levers we know so well to produce and communicate accurate, valuable messaging that will help people through this period.

Tech companies are innovating at even greater speed than usual, and communications technology is being used by almost everyone who’s found themselves in lock down at home. Google Classrooms have ‘opened’ up and down the country, team meetings continue with members logging in from houseshares to suburban semis, and communities are using social media to co-ordinate efforts to support their most vulnerable members.

Let’s support the tech companies by leading the way and helping kids and adults stay informed and connected.  At Generation Media we’re committed to exploring every possible avenue that might help us all communicate better with an uneasy and concerned viewing public, as well as with each other.  We’ll get through this, because people will always triumph over adversity. Keep in touch.