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#BLACKLIVESMATTER: Keeping the movement alive within the workplace

As the Black Lives Matter movement hits the headlines Managing Director Lisa Morgan collaborates with Account Manager Enitan Fe-Cados to outline how business leaders can support and provide unity on the subject of racism and diversity in their organisations.

Following the death of George Floyd last month we have seen a global amplification of the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement. Black Lives Matter is an international human rights movement, originating from within the African-American community, which campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people. Since its inception almost 7 years ago, the movement has expanded to fight against injustices against black people all over the world.

Within the workplace it can be an awkward and uncomfortable matter to address but remaining silent is not an option as the global conversation is unfolding. Business leaders across the world have a duty to ensure their teams unite to support colleagues on the matter, providing a platform to discuss the issue and individuals’ experiences and views.

At Generation Media we are an equal opportunities employer and have an increasingly diverse team. However, meeting quotas and creating policies is not enough in this war against racism. Our culture supports inclusiveness and recent global events have provided an opportunity to open up the conversation and consult with colleagues on whether we are doing enough as a business to promote and support diversity both internally and externally.

Whilst social media posts and industry pledges are a positive first step, we need to take real, long lasting action to avoid the trap of jumping on the bandwagon for the short term.

So what as employers can we be doing to support the cause…?

1. Reach out to black and ethnic minority colleagues to offer support.

2. Provide a platform for discussions and education on topics of racism, microaggressions and unconscious bias.

3. Address the matter publicly, awareness is the first step to action and improvement. It should be known that it’s ok to talk about racism.

4. Look within your company and recognise that there s always room for improvement in regard to ensuring the workplace is a comfortable and safe space for black and ethnic minority groups.

5. Last but certainly not least… Keep the conversation going. The conversion does not and should not end once #BLACKLIVESMATTER is no longer trending.