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As e-commerce becomes the new high-street – what have you changed about your online strategy?

Online retail sales have of course risen dramatically in recent week, with a reported +74% growth in average transaction volumes compared with the same period last year, according to data from ACI Worldwide. This analysis, of hundreds of millions of transactions from global online retailers, demonstrates the extent to which people’s shopping habits have changed as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.


As the increase affects a whole host of different categories and sectors, the pandemic has forced businesses in every industry to change their thinking when it comes to e-commerce. While the biggest challenge for brands remains to adapt and fulfil these online distribution channels, the pressure to improve e-commerce marketing, with support from end of the funnel e-commerce investments, is also a hot topic amongst marketers. If brands have not yet changed their e-commerce strategy in recent weeks – they should certainly give it some thought, as getting this right will help brands not only weather this unpredictable storm, but also flourish, with enhanced learnings to utilise when we regain some form of normality!


GM Checkout, Generation Media’s e-commerce solution, combines the science and learnings from all key online retailers, from Amazon and Google Shopping/Search, through to traditional retailers’ online stores and social commerce channels. Each of these routes have their own ad placements, buying methods and audience habits and we have mapped out the entire e-commerce ecosystem to ensure we are maximising return on ad spend while providing tangible insight for future campaigns.


Online stores have evolved in complexity and is vital to understand the nuances of each type of digital ad format. It is useful to relate these back to the traditional brick and mortar environments to truly appreciate the roles that they play; some formats are necessary to secure online shelf space while others serve the same purpose as end caps, giving your brand that much needed competitive advantage!


As part of Generation Media’s training programme – Generation Academy, on Thursday 23rd April at 10.30am, e-commerce specialist- Luke Garden will take viewers through the e-commerce landscape, highlighting some ‘quick wins’ to improve your e-commerce ad performance, with a particular focus on the beast that is – Amazon!


For details to sign up, please get in touch with Sofia ( who will provide all the information you need to get involved. And remember, the session is free of charge, and open to marketing professionals across the industry; even those on furlough are still able to participate in training!