GM Thought of the Week

All Change at the IPA

Last Wednesday I attended the IPA’s annual member’s lunch at the Waldorf Hilton. A highlight is always a keynote speech from the IPA president and this year Sarah Golding, the newly appointed successor to Tom Knox, outlined her agenda for the coming years.

This year marks the IPAs 100th anniversary, and it goes without saying that a lot has changed in the last century for the advertising industry. As advertisers, Sarah noted, we create magic. I believe that is something that hasn’t changed. We have the power to change people’s minds and feelings, to convince people do things they didn’t before, to inspire change and to create work that defines our culture.

The use of “machines” however now arguably threatens that magic. Golding noted “we are not all doomed to be replaced by robots, but neither are we too creative not to be impacted. I would therefore like my presidency to help create a new enthusiasm for what machines can do for agencies and the advertisers and brands we serve.” A key area within Golding’s agenda is monitoring the machines; ensuring digital security and ensuring better brand safety. This is something that at Generation we are already practicing, with our agency being ahead of the curve with the upcoming EU GDPR regulations and ensuring every member of the agency is KidAware certified.

Another point was the promise to help agencies create magic with numbers: Golding’s definition of numbers being data and the evolution of this. At Generation one of our largest investments as a business is our ongoing subscription to industry research and measurement tools, ensuring that we are able to continuously monitor the behaviours of our clients’ audiences and the competitive marketplace to ensure we are constantly optimising and building learnings for our clients’ campaigns in all fields.

As the CPD manager for the agency, I look forward to the developments and training opportunities that have been committed to as part of this agenda, and ensuring that we continue to lead as an agency within the realms of data, creating magic with the machines.