After six long months away from the cinema I took my first trip back. This is what I thought…

As a self-confessed film nerd, one of the hardest things about lockdown for me was not being able to have a cinema outing for six months.  Like everyone else, I worked my way through Netflix and Amazon Prime’s catalogue of movies. But while it is wonderful to have thousands of titles at my fingertips…nothing can beat the big screen experience.

Take for example  Leigh Whannell’s  Invisible Man.  I was lucky enough to experience this on the big screen before lockdown and while horror is not my favourite genre, I was captivated by the plot that kept me literally on the edge of my seat.  The Dolby surround sound soundtrack heightened every jump scare and the giant screen prevents you from being able to look away from Elisabeth Moss’ psychological deterioration.  When I re-watched it at home during lockdown, whilst looking for some distraction from COVID19, it failed to draw me in, in the same way and I found myself reaching for a second screen…Yes it was a second viewing, but the TV screen provides half of the intensity in my opinion – it is just not as immersive.

Earlier this month I took my eagerly awaited first trip back to the cinema and knew I had to break the fast with something worthy. I chose Tenet and I picked my absolute favourite cinema – The Odeon BFI Imax – THE biggest screen in Britain.  Initially worried, that COVID19 may have ruined my most treasured pass time, I need not have worried.  Yes, you need to have your hand sanitiser and mask handy but every other aspect of the cinematic ritual remains untouched.   The auditorium was certainly not at capacity but that feeling of shared viewing, the collective gasps at the incredible stunts is very much there.  I had my popcorn and tango iceblast and if I’m not mistaken, it tasted that much sweeter.

Judging from the trailers I watched we have some incredible movies, that really deserve to be seen on the big screen.   Namely,  No time to die and Wonder woman 1984.

If you have not made your first trip back to the big screen, treat yourself and book it in.  In my view UK cinemas have managed to follow COVID19 restrictions enough to ensure safety while maintaining everything we know and love about cinema.

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