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ABC Results Day for Magazines Looms…

Next week brings around one of the biggest days in the UK press calendar, ABC results day. On Thursday, publishers and media agencies alike will be patiently awaiting midday, when the bi-annual audit results are announced. The results will reveal the average circulation per issue of hundreds of titles across July-December period last year, presenting the growth or decline of each title, sector and the press market as a whole.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations release their audit results twice a year, with titles opting to be audited every 6 months, and some once a year. As a media agency, it provides us with the crucial numbers to recommend and support the choice of press titles in our client’s plans and as a benchmark to check that clients are paying the right, (and best!) rates. The audit also ensures that the Generation Media team are armed with the knowledge to keep clients informed and updated on the dynamics of this continuously changing market place.

Although across the board, we saw press circulations continue to fall on the whole in the last ABC results in August, a number of titles presented impressive growth last year. Toxic and Go Girl were two key kids titles growing their size year-on-year and Prima Baby within the parenting sector saw an increase in circulation of over 5% vs. the year before.

The last ABC’S also saw a number of Digital editions of popular publications present their first circulation audit, so it will be interesting to see next week if these digital numbers grow as their print counterparts fall.

This month alone, Generation Media have seen a number of clients take an interest in press for the spring/summer and autumn/winter season, showing that print media still earns its place as an engaging, supporting media within 2015 media plans.

Keep an eye on your inboxes next week when we will be sending round a press bulletin outlining the results across the women’s weekly, parenting and kids press titles to all our clients!