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2015: The Best Year Yet for Digital Radio?

This year is proving an exciting time for the radio industry: Rajar figures released last week highlight that digital listening hours are at an all-time high, up by 6.4% year-on-year. This, combined with Sound Digital recently acquiring the DAB multiplex, indicates 2015 will be a record breaking year for digital radio.

Sound Digital, a group made up of Bauer Media, UKTV and Arqiva won the competitive bid for the D2 license, set to launch in a year’s time. The multiplex will expand the UK commercial radio industry and permit advertisers to target channels by audience age, demographic and interests. The licence will double the digital capacity for commercial radio and allow the stations to be heard nationally.

Commercial services will be available throughout the UK offering greater diversity and choice to the radio industry on a whole. This is refreshing news for radio advertisers as UK digital radio listeners are 19% more likely to notice radio ads compared to the average UK adult. Similarly, digital listeners tend to be younger in comparison to the average radio listeners (for example; 48% of Bauer Media’s digital listeners are under 35).

2015 is shaping to be a significant year for digital radio as the medium develops its digital technology and audience accessibility: great news for radio advertisers.

Source: MediaWeek