GM Thought of the Week: Top-of-mind challenges affecting our industry


GM Thought of the Week: Top-of-mind challenges affecting our industry

Last week, Generation Media attended kidTECH; a conference focused on discussing the business, operational and compliance challenges and opportunities facing the kids and family technology market.

The event was produced by the kidSAFE Seal Program, a global strategy and seal of approval for kids and family brands worldwide.

The speakers ranged from long time industry advocates Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome as well as Jenk Oz, CEO of iCoolKid. At the age of 13 he proved expertise is not just based on how many years of experience you have under your belt.

One of the key highlights for us was the premise that video is everywhere. Whether it be TV programming content or videos on YouTube to help with homework, research or gameplay scenarios. It is when these types of video were highlighted that a key focal point turned to YouTube and safety for not only brands but children viewing inappropriate content.

It was this safety aspect that was also highlighted by Giraffe Insight’s Kids and The Screen study with parents stating that a trade-off that comes with tailored content experience is the fact that free online websites are not trusted to be safe. However, when children are stating that a free online video website also ‘has their favourite content’ it is important to incorporate such touchpoints into media plans where relevant.

A point debated during one of the panel sessions was that now GDPR is finally here and age consent is being implemented across websites and apps, will this actually protect more children or not? For example, will children just tick an older age bracket to ensure access and save the lengthy process of asking parents’ permission…

It is for this reason that all brands, and agencies as their advisors, take safety seriously. Generation Media is an active member of Media Smart, an AA directed programme to continue educating children, tween and teens about advertising in all its formats.


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