GM Thought of the Week – “The journey is only 1% done”: Summary from Createch 2018

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GM Thought of the Week – “The journey is only 1% done”: Summary from Createch 2018

Createch 2018, part of London Tech Week, is the bringing together of established global leaders to share visions for the creative technology sector for the next 5 years.


The day was opened by the current chair of Creative Industries Council Nicola Mendelsohn CBE, VP EMEA Facebook.  Mendelsohn quoted Mark Zuckerberg ‘the journey is only 1% done’ in discussing the rate of change we are experiencing. Following this, she announced her stepping down as Chair with Tim Davie of BBC Worldwide stepping into the role as her successor.


The event saw the launch of the Createch 100, a list of UK businesses leading the way in their use of tech in the creative industry.  It was great to see Generation Media are already working with a number of these companies who are paving the way for the future of the industry.


The remainder of the day was focused on context, creativity and convergence.  One of the more poignant speakers was Iain Tait, Executive Creator Director of Wieden & Kennedy.  The conversation positioned Digital as not a limitation to creativity but a platform for it.  One element he identified for securing the future of the agency in the process was a requirement to adapt.  Clients are increasingly looking for speed and collaboration in their agency offer, he discussed agility modelling and ensuring your agency is tapping into the growth in demand for accessible, fast turnaround services, something Generation Media are proud to have at its core.


Hot topics included augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and voice/facial recognition.


AR was positioned as a re-emerging tech following limited success since it was bought to market.  The key limitation is its use being focused to handheld devices, the use of headsets/glasses will embed this more seamlessly into our everyday lives.


In regards to VR, PWC predict there will be 16m VR headsets being owned in Britain by 2021.  Jaguar showcased how the I-PACE, their first all-electric car, concept launch was announced using VR technology.  This allowed the team to experience the product for themselves without physical production taking place.


With AI already taking a prominent role in our industry, by 2025-2028 we are expecting it to have the ability to produce its own movie from concept to finished article.  The big question was surrounding the potential quality as many feel there will always be a requirement for human input.


With voice recognition already taking control of our homes, facial recognition will also be common place to enhance security in our day to day lives.


The scope of how this kind of tech can improve our lives was apparent when the Vice-President of Tencent, China’s tech giant, walked through various case studies that are already live in their market.  From AI assisting in medical diagnosis with an increased rate of accuracy and reduction in consultation time, to missing children being found years later through facial recognition tech that integrates the changes of time with 99% accuracy.


There is no doubt there are great things to come, but there did seem to be an absence of any tales of caution.  With the future now a reality, where do the boundaries lie?


I look forward to attending Createch 2023 to see how much of what we saw has been integrated into our day to day lives.  It looks like I will be doing this from the comfort of my own home, via a VR headset, grabbing lunch ordered through my voice recognition system, delivered by an electric vehicle, paid for using my face.


Lisa Morgan, Managing Director 


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